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Shape a green future together with us!

What we do

  • Innovative plastics recycling
  • New way to process paper mill waste
  • carbon credits from plastics recycling

What you get

  • Shares and participation certificates
  • No third entity like a bank = Less fees
  • Security of blockchain technology

Token ≠ Cryptocurrency

Our share token is not a cryptocurrency.

With the purchase of Hydroswiss tokens you acquire exactly the same rights as the classic share or participation certificates.

The main difference lies in the storage: you do not need a securities account at a bank.
You can deposit the share tokens yourself in a personal, free and secure wallet.

So you can access it at any time without third parties and you can trade the tokens here 24/7.

Contact us for more information.

What will we use the money for

Realising other plants in European paper mill

R&D to approach
100% recycling

Completing the project to obtain carbon credits from plastics recycling

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Get your Hydroswiss Share

  1. Download Aktionariat app or use another wallet
  2. Enter the amount of shares you want to purchase
  3. Select method of payment (bank transfer) or currency of payment (ethereum/cryptofranc)
  4. Finalize purchase
  5. For any questions on how to purchase, please drop us an email at [email protected] and we’ll get back to you.


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Bank Transfer

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    Confidential documents

    Request access to investor documents for more detailed information on the project

    Store tokenized shares in shareholder’s secure mobile wallet

    Our mobile wallet is the safe deposit box for your shares. Connect your mobile wallet to a Brokerbot to buy stocks and access them anytime.

    Register your personal details in the wallet before buying to be automatically recorded in the company’s share register.

    See the market value of your shares at any time and transfer them directly to another wallet if needed.

    The wallet also acts as an authentication tool for a company’s signatories, e.g., to approve transactions.

    Shareholder Registry

    Shareholders can either register their shares with the Registration Widget, using a wallet of their choice, or by holding their shares with the Aktionariat wallet app for iOS or Android.

    Once registered, newly purchased blockchain shares will automatically be added to the shareholder registry in your name.

    For details, please consult our privacy policy

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    Hydroswiss share
    Number of Shares
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    Bank Transfer

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    What is Blockchain?

    The well-known economist Prince Michael von Liechtenstein said:

    “The digitization of the economic system opens the way back to more self-determination and personal responsibility.”

    Blockchain technology provides the basis for this. The blockchain is considered a revolutionary game changer in the financial world.

    The main difference to the classic banking system is that there is no central database, since the data is stored on different computers and is therefore decentralized.

    The greatest advantage of the technology lies in the immutability of digital data records, without having to resort to a centralized and therefore manipulable authority.

    The manipulation of the data stored on a blockchain is practically impossible.