10 R Economia Circolare

10 R Model: Understanding the Circular Economy


The circular economy is established as a model of sustainable development, as opposed to the “extract-use-throw” linear economy.

In the current era, where environmental sustainability has become a global priority , the adoption of circular economy practices is gaining more and more importance.

In this context, Hydroswiss positions itself as a leader in offering innovative systems and solutions for the sustainable management of resources and waste.

Let’s explore together the “10 R Model” also called “The 9R Framework on the Circular Economy”.

A comprehensive guide to fully understand the crucial role the circular economy plays in our modern world.

Intelligent product use and production
R0 – Reject
R1 – Rethink
R2 – Reduce

Extension of the useful life of the product and its parts
R3 – Reuse
R4 – Repair
R5 – Recondition
R6 – Remanufacture
R7 – Requalify

Useful application of materials
R8 – Recycle
R9 – Recover

The 10 R’s in detail

  1. Refuse:
    the first R represents the action of rejecting products that are unnecessary or excessively harmful to the environment.
  2. Rethink:
    rethink the design of products to make them more durable, modular, easy to repair and recycle.
  3. Reduce:
    reduce the use of raw materials and environmental impact during production.
  4. Reuse:
    giving new life to used products, avoiding turning them into waste.
  5. Repair:
    Repair damaged products instead of replacing them, prolonging their useful life.
  6. Renew (Refurbish):
    update obsolete products with new components, maintaining their original structure.
  7. Remanufacture :
    using components of used products to create new ones.
  8. Requalify (Repurpose):
    transform waste into new products or energy.
  9. Recycle:
    recover materials from waste to reintroduce them into the production cycle.
  10. Recover:
    recover energy from non-recyclable waste.

Let’s add an R: Responsibility

Another very important R is responsibility regarding the issues of the circular economy .

Hydroswiss inspires companies and individuals to take responsibility for their actions , promoting positive change towards a sustainable future.

In conclusion, Hydroswiss places itself at the forefront of the circular economy with its commitment to the 10 R Model.

The company not only offers plant solutions , but leads a significant change in industrial resource management.

With Hydroswiss, let’s embrace the sustainable future together through the circular economy.

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